Tuesday Drudge

The wind of my Yeah I Get To Quit! sail has been very quickly sucked by the drudgery that has become my final week. It is only Tuesday and my favoritest favorite co-worker has been and will be on vacation for the e n t i r e week. -le sigh-

So here are some things at random in no particular order:

Ava is a con-artist extraordinaire. Behold our recent conversation and keep this in mind: Me shedding work clothes quickly as possible after work, Ava walks into the bedroom.

“Hi mama! Mr. Incredibles funny!”

“He is isn’t he. Did daddy put it in for you?”

“OKAY!” as she goes running into the living room exclaiming that Mama is going to put The Incredibles on for her.

See how she worked me right around on that one? She does this constantly and I fall for it nearly every time. Let’s hope I’m not so gullible when she asks for the keys to the car someday.

As a dog owner I am totally digging these. And April’s entrepreneurial spirit is making me seriously consider Hippo Hats for profit.

The hat season is nearly upon us, and moms always compliment Ava’s fuzzy noggin covers which make me believe that maybe some cash could be made. AND! And since I feel as though I have not been humanitarian enough lately I would like to give the profits to a reputable charity. Dateline did a story about the children of Uganda not long ago, and it tore my heart to hear their stories. It wouldn’t be much, but it would be something. Besides, Ava has more hats than she can use. What do ya think?

This is absolutely my favorite time of year to go running. The sun is still warm on your skin but the cool autumn breezes keep you comfortable. If you don’t run but would like to start, Go Now! It doesn’t get much better, except for that one window of time in the spring when the conditions are almost the same…but not quite.

The time is 4:11 p.m. Only 49 more minutes before I can scratch another day off of my two weeks. Three days and 49 minutes until freedom. So close I can taste it!


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