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Welcome to motherhood. Nothing says, “Goodmorning!” better than a puke coated crib and little girl. Sooo, needless to say Amber and Ava are spending the day at home. After two loads of laundry and some serious carpet cleaning before 9 a.m. I’m only hoping that today’s excitement is on the downslide. But on the brighter side of staying home sick, is the opportunity to lounge around and watch movies. I think we are now on our 100th viewing of The Incredibles. Which reminds me of a little girl I used to know; my dear sister Kelly.

For as long as any one of us can remember, Kelly has been a night owl. My parents had to take shifts every night, so that at least one of them could get some sleep while Kelly the Sleepless happily sat awake. Together, one of my parents would sit with her in the lounging chair, head tipped back and passed out as Kelly contentedly watched Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Over and over and over again, did Kelly watch Beauty and the Beast. Did I say over and over? I really meant over and over. Not only, did she watch it every night while the rest of us slumbered, but quite often we had to endure it during the day as well.

No! Not again! Posted by Hello

I’m certain that if you played a ten second snippet of any portion of the movie, any one of my family members could quote it verbatim. Why, I feel like breaking out into song right now!

Little town
It's a quiet village
Ev'ry day Like the one before
Little town Full of little people
Waking up to say... BONJOUR!

I suppose I really shouldn’t sing, it doesn’t do the song much justice. But what I was really getting at is that life really does come full circle. My other sister, Rachel, and I used to roll our eyes every time we heard that video slide into the machine. Now, here I sit with a daughter, almost the same age that Kelly was at the time who shrieks in delight for The Incredibles. Maybe I should be thankful that Mr. Incredible never breaks out into a full broadway tune after catching the bad guy; we could have still been singing a good ten years from now.

*This is in reference to a Beauty and the Beast book that Kelly also had. There were sound effect buttons that you pushed to go along with the story, and for years we continued to mimic the angry villagers' heys.


Ainsley said…
My 3-yr.-old son, too, loves The Incredibles. However, his current favourite to watch over and over (and over and over) is Shark Tales. AND, he has to watch "the commercials". Oh boy, is there ever trouble if I skip the previews!
Anonymous said…
oh man-- even great films when watched over and over and OVER can destroy whatever affection they once generated . . . but hey, at least she's not addicted to something badly made . . hope she feels better soon! ~bluepoppy
daphne said…
I love BATB, but not THAT much. The Incredibles is so cute. I may buy it and I don't even have a kid as an excuse. ;)
Janet said…
I should take your advice. You ssem to have things covered on the Disney front.:)
Raven said…
My Love for Beauty and the Beast is tied to other memories of dating my wife, but alas I digress. The BATB soundtrack and the Aladdin Soundtrack are absolute GOLD. If you don't break out in song after seeing those movies a couple times, check your pulse. :)

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