It started when Ava was about two: I illustrated our very first family Christmas card. I printed a select few of them off of our small printer and then carefully assembled the cards for mailing. They were a huge hit. The next year I mailed even more, and the year after that even more. Even though I reached a point of having the cards professionally printed and the only effort I had to make was to draw/illustrate them, the cost of printing and mailing all of them really started to hit my pocketbook. With the twist of fate turning against us, the Christmas of 2011 was sadly lacking our annual Christmas card. And boy did everyone seem to notice. The remainder of 2012 wasn't very kind to us either and I hope not too many friends and family are disappointed by our absence in their mailboxes.

Thankfully, we still have much to be grateful for and taking up pixel space on the internet is pretty cheap. We hope all of you holiday season was merry and bright and that you have glutted yourself on as much eggnog as we have!


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