Forcing the Hand of the Universe

That title is a pretty bold statement, isn't it? Lately, I feel like that has been my own personal boulder. Sisyphus, man, I feel ya!

I think a pretty common idea is that if you don't like where you are, then make a change. Crappy job? Then quit. Unfulfilled marriage? Then get a councilor or a divorce. No money? Then make some.

There are always ways that you can try to think around whatever problem you have. The tricky part, is what do you do when no matter what you think up or try, it just. doesn't. work.

Sometimes, you simply can't outwit fate.

And that's the rock we are currently struggling under. Rick can put out as many resumes and job applications as he likes. He can't force anyone to hire him. I struggle daily to not completely lose my mind and quit my job. It seems like bad luck to even say that out loud, but it's no mystery that I've been having a hard time enjoying my job. (If you hate your job, then quit.) Easier said, than done. Especially while I'm the main source of bacon round these parts. I like what I do, but the environment in which I do it, feels kind of toxic. Often I sit around doing nothing to the point of where I kind of suspect they would rather I quit my job than fire me. I know this is a ridiculous idea because I've seen my company fire at will, but it kind of lurks in the back of my mind. On a mind-numbingly slow day, I conceived this: Dog Running.

I want to be a dog runner/walker. No more clients with terrible design changes. No more stupid deadlines. No more cubicle hell. I would rather freeze my heiny off in Michigan winter weather, running a dog, than spend another year in graphic design purgatory. I love graphic design, but I love muttlies and freedom more.

So my challenge has been to get myself out there and to get myself heard. You can start a business, but you can't force it to be an instant success. It's a change that I am trying to make for myself because I truly believe the life in this vision of mine could really work. So, for now, I'll be here pushing that damn rock up a mountain until I crush it big time!

Until then, send any exercise needing dogs my way: 5K9 Dog Running


Taylor said…
I just read your blog because I saw your work out regimen was posted on Pinterest. I'm sorry to hear about your struggles but when I read this I just thought it was an awesome idea about the Dog Runner. I'm at work for 11 hours a day and have 2 dogs who I know don't get enough attention or exercise during the week. That's a really good idea. If only I didn't live in Texas. I hope things get better and wish you the best of luck in your new business venture!
Amber said…
Thanks! I hope it takes off too!

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