Word of 2012

Does this look vaguely familiar? It should since I came up with these as my working goals for 2010. But, 2010 was two years ago, you say? Yes, it was because that's how long it took me to get around to making most of this list happen. Some things I will always have to resolve to do better just because it is a lifelong commitment. I am happy to report that I did get myself a website, some cards and even that new lens. I now have a savings account, and while filling it has been quite comical I'm forging on with the hopes that someday it's balance will be bigger. And that last goal of not focusing on hating whatever, has proven to have a calming effect on me. It really turned into a lesson of letting things go, which I tend to do much more now.

Back those two, long years ago, I chose "focus" as my word of the year. At the time it seemed like a good choice, because I have a tendency to flounder around on just about everything. I can be so darn wishy-washy all the way up to when I finally make a decision, but thankfully once that moment comes, it is full steam ahead. I totally commit. The catch (and this is a big one) is knowing what direction to aim decision making and commitment. Again, I totally flounder - my piscean curse. Which is where this year's word comes into play: Direction.

This may seem glaringly obvious, but how can you know which way to direct your focus when you haven't fully explored the options? I would never buy a car without test-driving it so why would I follow a daydream without trying it on for size? So while "direction" feels like a very unilateral word and doesn't quite fit with variety, it will be in the back of my mind for the year because I will be trying many directions. Like #1 says, "Try EVERYTHING - Figure out what it is I love, don't love, just sort of like."

This means I will continue to pursue my photography, always keep designing, but also try to reinvest in all of those other things that I used to do, such as painting.  For a little while I will pick a direction, go with it, and really learn what it is I like or don't like about it. This is a year of exploration for me. 2010 was the year that I decided I wanted to begin my journey, but I left the dock without a compass. Now to find that darn compass!

I'm glad for the resolutions that I made in these last two years because I surprisingly took them to heart and made some changes for the better. It is interesting how if you put a goal on paper and then carry it around with you, how much you will try to honor that goal. Let's see how 2012 pans out, shall we? Maybe this year I can put a check mark next to all 6 items. 2011 was an especially difficult year for us, but I'm not letting my optimism for the new year be overshadowed by disappointment. Tally-ho, I say!!!


Holly said…
You can do eeeet!!!

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