The Man I Married

I think the best way to describe myself sometimes, is as a tiny little goldfish in a very large stream. My emotions can be pushed strongly in one direction or another by the current of life. I'm sure that can be said for just about everybody, but I believe that mine tend to run a bit stronger. So when life starts to hand me lemons, it takes a monumental effort on my part to not fall into a pit of depression. I'm not bi-polar, just very sensitive. So in light of the crap-fest for which fate has decided was my turn, I'm picking one thing today that I am grateful for.

I married a man who can never seem to hold a grudge and will always look past the faults of another person. He can never seem to stay mad at a person who has wronged him and will almost always give them the benefit of a doubt. This can drive me crazy sometimes because I feel he gets pushed over on occasion. I have learned that I am wrong in this regard, and I am always impressed by his nature to forgive.

I married a man whose one weakness is to have very hot temper and is quick to spout off once in awhile. BUT, I think it is because he is a passionate man in all ways and you can't have hot without the cold. He is never afraid to apologize even if he isn't at fault (I can drive him equally crazy) and he is perhaps the most humble person I know. Another lesson that I have learned from him: It is always better to apologize than to hold on to that grudge/self-righteousness/fear/anger.

I married a man who has very strong opinions and isn't afraid to say them out loud. I think this can shock some people and they might call him bull-headed at first. But the great thing about my man is that he can change his mind. For all his boisterous personality, he listens and if something strikes him, he will change. My man is not set in stone and I know that this will allow us to always grow together.

I married a man who always tries to make my life better. He offers to get a glass of water, maybe a blanket, or perhaps even just a laugh. The fact that he pays attention to me and how I'm feeling on a day-to-day basis, that alone is a pretty good basis for a healthy marriage. My man makes me laugh and smile EVERY day. Yes, even the bad ones. He always encourages me to do the things that make me happy and is never selfish. If I get hair-brained ideas to which there many, my man is my biggest cheerleader. He thinks I can do anything even when I don't believe in myself.

I married a man who is funny. You always hear the cliche of a single person looking for someone with a great sense of humor, and I think there is a good reason it is cliche. Due to my man's nature to want to make everyone laugh, he is an extremely upbeat guy. Bad moods and sour attitudes never last long in our house because my man just can't go that long being a negative person. In turn, neither can the rest of us.

I married a man who loves fiercely, and with all of the above qualities he is the best friend I could ever have. I think it goes without saying, that if he treats me like gold, he treats our daughter like platinum. So while life tumbles around us and is hurling rocks, together we are able to stand pretty solid, and for that I am pretty grateful.

My man Rick, is a wonderful husband and father...And I married him.


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