Whoa Nelly!

Looks like somebody got a little bored. Nothing like jackhammering code into doing what you want it to do. Sort of, but it's close enough to good that I'm willing to let the dust settle on the new digs for awhile.

I wanted something fresh, simple, and with REALLY big pictures. See?

Baby Sweater

I also ditched the old "fantasmo" styling for something a little chunkier.  The old one treated me well, but it felt right to update the old personal brand.  And since nothing says, "fresh" like the color green, well... Enough said.  Do I dare tell you where the vintage floral pattern came from? This could be embarrassing to some, but I'm kind of proud to admit, that I took the pattern directly from my old baby blanket.  My grandma had good taste, although I don't think it had the vintage feel back when she picked it out  It does now though!

So there you have it, fantasmo is a fresh kind of vintage.  That baby sweater up there is bound for a baby that is due to be here any day.  I kind wish that it could have fit me!


Anonymous said…
I love the new look! Creative, just like YOU!!!!
Aunt Bev
Ambrewskins said…
Aww shucks, thanks!

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