40 Hours a Week

A Casual Conversation between Cubemates.

Holly: "Did you know that you can harvest your cat's fur and make yarn?"

Amber: "Yes. Although I think, technically you can harvest dog fur too. You know what Angora is, right? It's bunnies."

Holly: "I'm going to knit a purse out my cat's fur when she dies."

Amber: "No. You would totally have to harvest for years...Wait! Your cat's fur isn't long enough."

Holly: HAHAHA "I know."

Amber: " I should harvest Fergus' fur and knit him his own doggy sweater."

Holly: "You should totally do that! That would be like harvesting your own skin to make a skin suit!"

Amber: "No, that would be more like harvesting your own hair to make yourself a wig."

Both: Dying of laughter at the crazy.

I promise neither one of us are creepy in real life, but after 5 years of 40+ hours a week together, conversations cover a lot of ground.


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