Well, it's been a year and the most common question that we always get is, "So, is married life any different?" Or, "I'll bet the honeymoon is over now, heh heh!" People always ask us these sorts of questions with a winkle in their eyes expecting us to gush about how hard being married is. They seem kind of disappointed when we admit it's exactly the same as the day before we tied the knot.  How easily some forget that we had a whole seven years of working it all out already under our belts.  There's something to be said for long engagements.

Our first year of marriage has been blissfully quiet. No funny living habits that we had to get used to. No arguments over how stupid the other person's money management is.  No pouting over lacking domestic skills.  No throwing of objects in a fit of frustration (though come to think of it, I don't think either of us has pulled that move ever...) Only day to day happiness.  And boy howdy do we have that. Rick is a very funny man, and Ava is showing signs of being just as quick-witted.  Life in these parts is pretty quiet, and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.  I'm never jealous of those foot loose and fancy free singles, because I get to come home to my very favorite two people every day.

I love you Rickles (he hates that by the way). Happy One Eighth Anniversary, and here's to many more happy fractions.

Our wedding song:


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