A Postcard from Nowhere

Winter in Michigan has not been an all out snowfest this winter. In fact, it has very much been the opposite. Many of us in the cold snowy North laughed heartily as the East got dumped on and we took no pain in calling out, "Pansies!" when they first began to whine about the slightest accumulation. Try living up here, where snowblowing your driveway can be a daily chore for months at a time; a place where the native Northerner goes out to start their car in sub-zero temps in nothing but Sorel boots and a bathrobe. Snowbound inhabitants can predict the weather for the day based on the squeak and pitch of the snow crunching beneath their feet and days pass by for weeks on end with the same dull, muted greys of a sky missing its sun.

And yet...
Our winter this year was kind of, just, meh. And as we speak the sun is beaming down, melting the brown piles of dirty snow, tempting us with dreams of an early spring. The breeze blows warm and people are dressed as though it's on the verge of being May. And yet...

I still seem to be suffering from the winter blues. I think it has less to do with the hardship of winter and more to do with EVERYONE going away to (warm) far off places, leaving me in the brown, slushy dust.

I'm not really sure how one can pull themselves up from the winter doldrums, when so many others are frolicking upon beaches. What do you do to kill the sour mood, and try to not wish for it to rain, rain and rain on all of your vacationing cohorts?

I guess for now, I'll pull out the old pickle jar and start scrounging for pennies. Because one day this will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine!


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