Not a Resolution, But a Self-Promise

This has been folded in my purse for a couple of weeks. Strangely, being carted around with me everywhere has not made it become forgotten clutter in my purse. In fact, it's like a little luck token that reminds me not to forget what my goals are for this year.

I've chosen the word "focus" to be my theme of 2010. For too long I've struggled with not knowing what to do with myself or how to change my unhappy situation. I think mostly I was rendered immobile by my indecision and now I've had enough with being stuck.

Fate, destiny or some higher being has no interest in the trajectory of my life. Only myrself, the choices I make and the family and friends I surround myself with have any affect on the way things pan out. I see people who have success and happiness in their lives and it's because they took initiative and went after what they wanted.

So, with that in mind I am going to focus on miniature goals all year long with the hopes that it will bring me a little bit closer to whatever it is I want - mostly contentment. I will have to put my inner A+ over-achiever fear of failure aside and jump in. Because after all what is failure when you learn something positive from it? And perhaps failures will actually be successes that bit by bit, will make the end of this year a far different place than the beginning started as.


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