I have to blame my friend Amanda. On a crazy whim I offered to photograph her wedding and she accepted. It was in a word (or two) a blast! I now understand why so many photographers get addicted to weddings. The good vibes, the happy people, and so many willing subjects. Any artist would be attracted to the art of how a wedding story unfolds and I can't say that I am immune.

But, I know my place as an amateur. Two senior portrait sessions and a wedding do not make me by any means a professional. However, the more clicks I make and the better the pictures get the more I realize that I may be ready for an upgrade. That, my friends, is why my google search bar rolls its eyes at me as I type in once again "Nikon D300." It's embarrassing really.

I ♥ Evening Light

I see photos taken with that camera and they all look so rich and buttery. My little camera goes green with envy at what the D300 and D700 can do, but it also laughs at me when the prices of its big brothers pop up.

So for now my D50 and I do what we can do and I have vowed to grow my skills even more. A personal challenge that I have given myself is to learn how to shoot completely in manual mode. I've never been a girl to switch to automatic, but having to think of all my settings all on my own has always been a little daunting. Well, no more - I will learn. And once I do, then and maybe only then, may I consider an upgrade.


Unless of course somebody would like to toss a D300 in my mailbox.


Tamara G said…
As someone who is online-stalking fancy large-format Epson printers, I totally hear you. Congrats on the wedding-photographer gig -- that seems to me like the most high pressured situation ever, but you are so zen about it! :)

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