Avenger of the Ivy

Day Job

I love going to other people's homes and discovering their knick knacks, photos and ephemera. Because while the overall color scheme and design to a room really make a place, the little things are what make that room more of a place in the home as opposed to being just a space in the house. Right?

Batman here, likes to travel around our house. You just never know where he is going to pop up next. For awhile he like to play charades atop our bedroom bookshelf. He even did a stint as an actual action figure, but now he appears to have settled in a bit. While I'm not a big fan of comic book home d├ęcor, Batman has weaseled his way into our home and hearts. Right now, he stands nestled in next to our ivy up on a shelf along with decorative votives and a modern stainless steel lamp. People find him oddly entertaining, so there it seems, Batman has found a permanent home.


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