Okay so technically we won, because quite frankly it takes two to get married.

That's right, MARRIED!

As many of you know, Rick and I have been engaged for practically forever. Life has always gotten in the way and we have had bigger things to save and spend our money on. A wedding for us was always, "It will happen someday, we just have to be patient." Now, here we are with a five-year-old and a five year long engagement. Rick and I have discussed having a very small ceremony in our backyard with a few family members and even then we were scratching our heads wondering how to make it happen.

And then today rolled around. My friend Holly convinced me to go with her and her friend Carrie to the bridal expo today. With your registration to the event, your name was put into a raffle where you could win all sorts of prizes and the chance to win the motherload: a $12,000 wedding package.

That's right folks, they called my name! Rick and I are finally getting hitched!


Anonymous said…
I was in tears I am so happy for you!!! Now you can put that "Cantelope" fund to work!!! Haha!!! Love you! ~Erin
Jess said…
So....when's the BIG day?!?!?!?

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