No Complaints

There is no possible way that your Monday can be bad when you try on a pair of pants from circa 2002 b.a. (Before Ava). Or when you put the pants on and can button them without sucking it in. Or when you put the pants on, button the top and realize that there is no rolling over the top. Victory on a Monday morning is nothing but pure gold.


daphne said…
LOVE that feeling. Now I'm dealing with pants that are TOO big. Not that I'm complaining but geez, can't we ever get it right?
Ambrewskins said…
And shopping for new pants is always such a pain - even if they are in a smaller size!
Tamara Garvey said…
oh amber, i am so jealous! i recently put on a pair of work pants i hadn't worn in a year, and granted these are dickies so they're pretty tight and unforgiving, but after buttoning them, the phrase "muffin top" came to mind.

(sorry, that was gross.)

good for you for the marathon training! what a wonderful thing to do. :)

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