It Boggles

My office building sits in the historic part of town and consequently everything about it is, well, old. This includes the plumbing, so at times, even the slightest hint of toilet paper is impossible to flush. Everyone in this building knows that once in awhile you will be required to push down the handle a minimum of three times.

So how is it that someone has made it to adulthood without having the common courtesy to uhm, clear the way for the next person? The drive-by drop-and-runner is one of only six women - this means I work closely with the guilty party. Eeew. Let's just hope that they at least used the time saved by not flushing to wash their hands. Again, eeew.


Anonymous said…
You should check with Jess about the nasties going on in the bathroom in her office...both you guys have ooogie things to deal with. Sorry that people can be so gross and ignorant.
Bev said…
When I worked at my office, someone actually put a sign up in the stall that read "PLEASE FLUSH YOUR REMINANTS"..... lol!

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