I could kiss you!

In the past months and weeks leading up to election day, I held on to the hope that America was ready for a change. I hoped that as a collective, we would finally put petty differences aside and think of the good of everyone. I wasn't convinced that we could pull it off because after all, Bush was re-elected, but still I held on.

The ugliness that this election brought out in people shocked me. I don't judge a person solely on their skin and it was terribly disheartening to hear the narrow-minded comments that people were making. A lot of hateful things came out of the mouths of people around me in my life - not just sound bites on the radio and tv. It really got me down to see people completely disregard the real issues at hand, and focus on something so shallow and ugly. It chipped away at my hope. I braced myself for the inevitable win of McCain & Palin. I voted for Obama anyway. As I stood in line to vote, I searched the faces of everyone leaving wondering if they felt the way I did, if they were pushing for a difference too. Slipping that ballot into the box was an excellent feeling.

I stayed up late to watch the results trickle in, and I thought it was going to be a tight night, but when 11:00 pm struck the inertia of the election made a huge shift. Stunned and overwhelmed with happiness I witnessed Obama's win. Thank you America for making the right choice. Thank you!


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