I can't believe that marathon day is almost here. The good thoughts and well wishes have started to roll in and for this I am very thankful. The kind words have been acting as mini zen sessions for me, helping to calm my building nervousness. I know that I will never be an elite enough athlete to ever win a race, but nevertheless, I am not impervious to those race day butterflies. Also, there is the lurking doubt of whether my legs will carry me for 26.2 miles. I know that because I can definitely cover 20 I'll be able to make it for the last six (point 2), but doubt is a sneaky devil and a hard one to fend off at that. Beat it self-doubt! You're not welcome here!

Thanks to everyone for the continued support! And to the donors from the past two weeks look for your thank-yous in the mail soon (had to place another button order!).


Aunt Bev said…
You da Woman!!!

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