Holy Moly

So all of you kind people have decided to completely prove me wrong about what I thought was going to be a long, hard and awkward journey of fundraising. When I started my marathon training in February, I was convinced that the easiest part would be the running. A $3500 goal that was set by the Lance Armstrong Foundation seemed so large and looming, but I figured that if there was anything worth doing it was definitely this, so I committed wholeheartedly.

Here we are in the beginning of June, roughly at the half-way mark to 26.2 day. When I tallied up the dollar signs, we are definitely beyond the half-way mark for donations. In fact we are just about to make the goal and with many weeks ahead of me I hope to surpass it! Every dollar raised is one more dollar towards cancer research, or perhaps one more dollar toward helping to ease a cancer patient's pain. I'm greedy for more - more donations mean less suffering and I am completely on-board with that idea!


I want to take this time to say thank you yet again, and that I truly get all mushy and weepy when I see how generous all of you are. We can't solve the world's problems in a day, but by being such caring humans I like to think that this world is a little better off for it. Thank You for being you!

For those of you who haven't donated yet, relax! I am by no means trying to guilt you into anything, but whenever we meet I get frantic expressions of "Soon! We really mean to get you that donation...!" You guys still have plenty of time and I can accept donations all the way up to the race day in October. And to those that have donated help me spread the word!

Happy Running, everyone!


Anonymous said…
you are aMAZing!! Amazing--- I am so inspired by you.

Ambrewskins said…
Funny, because I always thought the same about you! Thanks for the encouragement :)

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