Apparently my empty threats against Mother Nature finally paid off and spring has at last sprung. More likely, the earth finally spun and tilted just right to make use of the sun's rays and Mother Nature did her thing in her own good time. I like to pretend I had something to do with it though.

Along with the great thaw, new germy gook started to get passed around and it took me down with it for a good solid week. My garden and lawn languished underneath piles of dead grass and rotting leaves. Little sprouts of life pushed through the layers to give hints that blooms weren't far behind. "Soon! Soon I will rake!" I promised them as I went hacking back into the house to quiver and moan on the sofa. The cold thoroughly kicked my behind. But! I hopped right back into life and was pounding the pavement once again.

This weekend I got my obligatory spring blisters and my grass is thanking me. Seeds are incubating nicely in their boxes and the garden dirt is bare and awaiting its bulbs. I stare longly at the unsprouted herb seeds. I have a measly five dried basil leaves from last year and I so badly want to crush them up and snort them right up my nostrils. The smell of fresh herbs is so intoxicatingly good! Instead, I've been hoarding my last few leaves trying to make them last just a little bit longer. I can't bear the thought of having to use store-bought basil, the horror!

Lemon Basil Bloom

Once you get accustomed to fresh or even dried home-grown herbs, anything store-bought is just not the same. The smells and flavors are not as intense and you might as well be sprinkling your meals with sawdust. I never used to realize how much herbs could change the essence of a meal, but I have since learned and there is no going back now! Your chicken soup is nothing without fresh sage. Believe me, you should try it. My entire backyard would be a basil plantation if I knew there was any way I could get away with it. For some reason, Rick objects. He wants nice grass to lounge upon...whatever. His love of basil does not run as deep as mine.

And that is where I stand. Finally healthy, still running miles and miles, and staring impatiently at my herb garden. How's your spring treating you?


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