In Spirit


One my marathon cancer honorees is Herb, a good family friend. His body just couldn't fight the fight anymore and he passed away quietly yesterday. I know that death is hard and sad to endure when you are the one left behind, but I cannot begrudge Herb of finally being relieved from all of the pain that cancer was wreaking on him.

I by no means claim to be psychic, but sometimes it seems as though the universe can go momentarily kittywompus and things feels somehow slightly off kilter. Yesterday was one of those days. Coworkers were crabby, I was moody, the whole day just felt dreary and heavy. And now that I know Herb passed on yesterday, I kind of understand all of the dreariness. The world was weeping the loss of another good soul.

Despite all of our vast differences, we humans are all interconnected. Like dominoes we stand and we fall together. We choose how our actions bump into others and how it affects the cycle of action/reaction. Instead of looking at Herb's death as a loss, I am instead going to focus on and honor what we (his family and friends) have gained by having had him in our lives. And in the way that Herb was a kind, happy and giving man, I shall take the example he has set and strive to be the same way. It certainly can't hurt to tumble the dominoes in a positive direction.


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