Forty-One Percent

Already I have been amazed by the generous amounts that people have been donating to my marathon adventure. Because I send the checks to the foundation's clearing house for them to add to my goal totals, it is taking awhile for my donation page to reflect the actual amount that people have given.

I have stated many times that the thought of having to raise so much money was intimidating. It was a sobering moment when I faxed the fundraising committee access to my checking account. It is their way of insuring that you are who you say you are, and that you won't flake out three weeks before the marathon. I can't blame them for wanting the assurance that you are truly committed to the cause. And of course if I meet my goal of $3500 they will have no reason to even glance at my bank account.

I don't want to jinx myself, but I think that meeting that lofty goal may not be as hard as I previously imagined. Because here I am in March at 41% of the way to the $3500. If I persist all the way to October and get as many donations as I can, maybe just maybe I can get even more money than anticipated for fighting cancer!

And then instead of having to worry about dollar signs, I will have to focus on the real challenge - twenty-six point two miles. In a row. All at the same time. Phew!

Thank you again to all of my contributors! It means the world to me and to the families that I am running for.


Anonymous said…
WADDLE ON!!! Love, Jo
Ambrewskins said…
I knew it! You do read dad's Runner's Worlds! That is the first step to getting sucked into this strange hobby of running just for fun...
Anonymous said…
wow-- you are dedicated because if it meant giving anyone access to my bank account that would be a deal breaker for me-- no way I could do that-- I am so full of admiration for you and you WILL get a contribution from us-- it's just this freaking winter has done (and continues to do) such a number on our budget due to car repairs-- road repairs, VALIUM, etc. ..


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