Dear Mother Nature,

First off, let me just say that I'm you're biggest fan. Sunsets, snowflakes, birds chirping, lakes, streams, fjords - all of it ranks high in my book. Bravo to you for many a millennia of keeping the seasons and flora and fauna on track.

But if I may, let me point out that days of sub-zero temperatures combined with days of sun and mass-melt makes for very dicey running surfaces. I'd rather see the snow melt into spring, but if it must be cold then please let it stay cold enough to prevent the snow from turning into acres of slow moving glacier fields covering all of the sidewalks and streets. I'm really hoping to make it to July without a broken ankle, or you know, neck. Since running on a treadmill is not an option due to budgetary constraints, I really am at your mercy, oh Green and Beautiful Gaia. Please take pity on this less than graceful runner, please?

Your humble admirer,


Anonymous said…
allow me to add a postscript to your kindly message to our almighty goddess;

BITCH-- if you let ANYTHING happen to Amber as she trains for this marathon on icy sidewalks I'm totally going to-- er, um-- hmmm, okay, there's not much I can threaten you with but I will be VERY disappointed in you, Earth.

Go Amber, go!!!

Have you read Zen Running? Someone who trained for a marathon last year recommended it to me . .

Big hugs, bluepoppy
Ambrewskins said…
Hah! You crack me up :) I'll have to look into that book. I've seen it advertised in my Runner's World mag.

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