Real Love

Potty training Ava was not a breeze. She's a bright, independent girl, but getting her to go on the potty was a challenge for the entire family so it should come as no surprise that making it through the night is our last, oh so long, hurdle. It's not so much getting her tiny bladder to hold it for ten hours, but to teach her how to GET UP out of bed and make the ten steps from her door to the bathroom. We've tried everything. I guess she's just a very sound sleeper.

Enough with the pee-pee back story. This morning as I was helping Ava clean up from her nighttime accident, Ava exclaimed, "Wow! You're a good wiper, Mom!"

Good wiper indeed. Sweet-pea, you have no idea. Considering I have been wiping your bottom for the past 4 1/2 years, I would only hope that I have gained some bottom-swiping skill despite the unpleasantness of it. And that's what Valentine's Day is really about, right? Taking the time to appreciate, not the sweet things that your love does for you, but the not so pleasant things that someone will tolerate all for you. So thank-you Ava for noticing. I love you too.

And not to leave Rick out because, this week especially, his love has not gone unnoticed. For two days straight, Rick shimmied and snaked his way through our three-foot deep, dirt-floored, cobweb infested basement to unfreeze our upstairs hot water pipe. And he did it without really complaining. The dusty cobwebs would have sent me over the edge and I would have been a whiny fool if I had been the one down there. Nothing says love and devotion like being the one to deal with the plumbing. A shower after two and a half days never felt better. Thank-you babe! I love you too.

Usually, every year I make Ava's valentines to hand out and this year was no exception. I thought I'd share one with you!



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