It's Not You, It's Me


Oh wait. It is you, television.

Four years. That is how long Rick and I suffered without cable tv and had to survive on only two network channels. When we bought our house, there wasn't an antenna hook-up so it was either pay for cable or go completely without television. Seeing as an internet connection is my own personal fix, no cable was not an option.

Since May, cable television has been on our tube non-stop and I feel dumberer for it (yes, that was intentional). I find myself suffering from commercial ADD, where all I do for an hour straight is flip between three programs in a desperate ploy to avoid all commercials. Consequently, I don't think I have ever watched a show through to completion. Which if I was learning something from said show, it would be a shame, but because cable programming on a whole is nothing but crap... Does that mean my brain is filling with choppy tidbits of useless crap? More than likely.

Which is why I've decided to give up television for the entire month of February. Don't mock me for picking the shortest month of the year. It has more to do with the fact that I don't want to wait to act on this idea instead of letting the idea fall to the wayside. Too often I feel like a second-rate artist because I don't create and produce often enough. I feel constantly trapped in a permanent dry spell. For once, I feel like that inner-critic is starting to shutup, and instead of draining my free time in front of a stupid box, I want to stop and listen. To myself.

Take away the mindless hours in front of a television and what is left? Lot's of time to focus on my new ideas and, for once, begin to act on them.

The only exception to my no TV rule is weekend movies. Northern Michigan is notorious for cabin fever this time of year, and often Rick and I will cozy up on the couch and watch a movie on Sunday afternoons. This is one luxury I will not be giving up. Even if by "cozy" I really mean, crammed together on our less than comfortable love seat.

Feel free to join me in my venture. I'm hoping to have some sort of something to show for my time away from the idiot box.


Anonymous said…
this is an absolutely brilliant, inspired !, idea--- you described what tv watching is-- avoiding commercials-- it is insane and the total soul suck. my husband, unfortunately, is addicted-- though he much prefers movies to tv shows . . still,I would love to have a home without a tv. as it is, we have one, in the den, and that is it. nowhere else in the house. and? the cabinet has doors on it so we shut it away and out of view when not in use.

Anonymous said…
I knew it! thanks for confirming my worst fears that watching cable would be endless running away from commercials...I refuse to get it installed, I won't pay for something I hate - it's the sound of TV that makes me nuts - the overly loudness and fakeness of it all. blech. I am a movie junkie though, always have been, Netflix totally saw me coming...good luck going cold turkey, I suspect it'll be more like starting a new exercise routine vs. quitting cigarettes. :)

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