Fergus McAaaargh!

Conehead Again

Fergus will now have to wear doggy mittens and goggles for the remainder of his sweet life. No, not really but I must admit that I gave the notion some serious consideration. A few weeks ago, we noticed him squinting the same left eye that he injured this past fall. In a matter of days his eye went from nothing big to, "Oh my god, dog! What have you done?!" Back on went his cone and back to the vet went us.

Another eye surgery later, Fergus is quickly becoming a very valuable dog, pound for pound. Wish him some luck, as today his stitches come out. His eye was so bad that the vet dropped hints of losing his eye all together. Let's just hope for the best and not the worst, shall we!

UPDATE: He's neither blind nor eyeless. Woohoo!


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