I don't like being the mom who talks about every minute detail of their child's development, especially the not so pleasant snotty stuff.

However, Rick and I have been knee deep in green gook ever since Ava started pre-school. Weeks and weeks of slimy nose goblins with any promise of her getting healthy dashed until the warmer months roll around. And seeing as this is Michigan, Ava's nose is going to be a faucet for months to come.

And here is where I would like to thank you, other pre-school moms and dads. Because it is you that I see dragging your four-year-old out into sub-freezing temperatures without hats, or unzipped winter coats, or no hats and mittens, or no winter boots or best of all; all of the above. If you can't be bothered to spend an extra thirty seconds to bundle up your child, I'm pretty sure that you don't make them cover their mouth when they cough. I bet handwashing might be asking much too. To top it off, you also haul your sickly kid back in the morning to spread the bacterial love.

Our hats are off to you sucky, pre-school parents. This winter wouldn't have been the same without you. A toast from this damp, wadded kleenex to yours!


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