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I don't know what it is, but work has been dead. Deader than dead. If you have ever gone sailing before, I can liken it to the times when you'll be sailing along at a nice clip when all of a sudden your sail luffs and then...nothing. You sit there bobbing aimlessly on the water beginning to wonder just how long the wind has gone awol.

The internet can entertain you for only so long before you get bored of slacking off. So you turn to sucky illustration. Or at least that is how mine turns out. Somehow, when I have hours at my fingertips to be completely free to create, my brain takes a nosedive into mediocre land. It seems I only get sparks of great ideas when I'm on the verge of sleep, or during a production meeting that requires my utmost attention. And most days, by the time I get home I'm so drained from my day of creating other people's ads that most of my spark has been tapped dry.

I think I need to try the Artist's Way again, or at least work harder at some creative balance in my life. I was raised to have a very good work ethic, so most of my jobs get the very best I can give. This makes for very happy clients but an unhappy me when it comes to my own projects. However, when I consider putting less of myself into clients' jobs I feel guilty. I just can't bring myself to give any less than 100%.

Balance. Something I need to really wrap my head around because I really need to get my artsy fartsy flowing again.

The above illo is based on a doodle from one of the super important production meetings I mentioned. Shows how much I really concentrate, huh.


Anonymous said…
sounds like you need an infusion of color and inspiration--- go to a museum on its free day-- go to a yarn shop-- or if you are lucky enough to have a 5 and dime-- those are fun, too-- I'd list web sites but I think it sounds like you need actual 3d connection.

Hope you break through soon!!


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