Year of the (Injured) Dog

Gimpy Again

This has not been his year. Back in July when he needed knee surgery, I boasted that Fergus was a very healthy dog and very low cost with the vet bills. I should have kept my yap shut. Fergus has been making up for the last nine years in less than four months.

I can't be too mad at him though because I think his latest injury's humiliation factor evens things out. Nothing looks more pathetic on a pooch than an Elizabethan collar and Fergus is no exception. People don't know whether to laugh or cry at him.

I personally like to laugh and then give him extra hugs. I don't think he minds the little dollup of gravy that I've been sneaking into his dry food either.


Anonymous said…
oh nooooo Fergus! Please stay healthy-- that collar is too much-- don't let Henry see you, I don't want him getting any ideas . ..


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