That Day Has Come

Yesterday, Ava and I walked to the car where Rick was waiting for us after pre-school. As she got into her car seat she proudly showed Rick her worksheets and drawings that she had done that day. On one half-sheet of green construction paper was a crooked C made from glued on Cheerios. Rick and Ava were discussing the merits of the letter C when Ava declared that when we got home she was going to eat them.

"No Ava, you cannot eat the Cheerios. They have glue on them and they could make your tummy sick," explained Rick.

"Oh. Okay."

This conversation went round and round until we both believed that Ava had gotten the point. Fast forward ten minutes to when we were home and settling in for the evening.

Ava went up to her room to presumably put her shoes and coat away. It got suspiciously quiet. Rick decided to investigate. What he found was a green half-sheet of construction paper with a crooked glue line in the shape of the letter C.

Ava had hurriedly plucked each and every Cheerio off and jammed them into her face as quickly as possible, knowing that she would be in trouble if we caught her. Unfortunately for her, Rick busted her with the incriminating evidence and she had to go an entire evening without a movie or dessert. Oh the wretchedness of being four!

I kind of had to laugh to myself because I knew that this would be one of those little incidents that get remembered for years. Funny thing is that if Ava had wanted a snack either one of us would have gladly given her one. But it wasn't about being hungry. For the first real time, Ava succumbed to a temptation despite knowing there would be consequences. If only this was to be the worst thing to try and lead her astray in life - Being a glue eater.


Anonymous said…
Hmmmm, kind of reminds me of the "suffer the consequences of your actions" you were bombarded with while growing up....remember writing "I will not lie" eight bazillion times after forging my signature at school......As her grandma though I really feel the need to give her dessert!
Anonymous said…
well you know they tasted horrible-- it's the lure of the "taboo" somehow we humans, even itsy 4-year old humans, cannot resist temptation of what we're not allowed to have--


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