Who's tired of looking at me? I certainly am. How about some in-your-face Chihuahua instead.


The poor little guy goes in for knee surgery tomorrow. For the longest time I was proud to have raised a fairly healthy dog that didn't rack up huge vet bills, however I think I jinxed myself. I'm not complaining though because in August he will be nine and that's a pretty good streak of luck if you ask me. According to the chart at the vet's office, his real age is around 52 and I suppose his joints just aren't what they used to be. Ask me how my knees are doing when I get to be that age.

Smooches for the Ferg. Mwah!

Anyone else enjoying his rather short haircut?


Anonymous said…
I understand from Grandma Linda that Fergus' surgery went very well. Kinda like Grandma Stulz's knee replacement surgery! Make sure you exercize the little thing so he has a good recovery. Smoochie smoochie to Fergus!

Aunt Bev & Uncle Matt

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