Freaking Out a Little Less

Well, so much for keeping with my own promise of updating daily with my running goals. Please don't take my silence as a sign of slackerism, on the contrary. Rick and I have been knee deep in the adventure of home buying. We found a place that we think we can really call home and after the ups and downs that putting in a offer and then getting the actual loan entails, things are finally in the homestretch. We close in a couple of weeks and I don't think we could be any more impatient about it.

Other than that nothing much to report. Project House took up most of our free time and now Project Pack will be starting up this weekend. Winter decided to loosen its cold, tight grip from our region and sparks of green are starting to peek out from the brown. No other season starts quite as gloriously as Spring. And at no other time is the neon green of fresh leaves a more welcome sight, except of course in our new house's bathroom. Yes, it is that green. Rick and I have unanimously voted to paint that room first. Second to fluorescent lighting, nothing can make a person look more sickly than being surrounded by four Ultra Lime Green walls.

Think I'm kidding? Behold!

Ultra Lime Green

Excursions to Home Depot have taken on a whole new level of meaning for us. Now we can peruse the aisles of home improvement goodness and actually have the home to improve upon. I get all giddy just thinking about it. Rick has had to limit my intake of paint swatches or else I would come home with a "phonebook" of colors (his exact term). I can't help it. Us artist types become dizzy with all the possible great color combinations. Except for Ultra Lime Green in the bathroom.

Miles Today: 4.0 Through the duration of this house-buying roller coaster I have not sat on my butt. I have been a very good little trainer and have been sticking to my training calendar fairly well. By fairly well, I mean that I have been getting out there and getting the miles in...just not at a very speedy pace. Who said I was going to win this race? Not this girl, I just want to not finish dead last!


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