Skull & Bones


A couple of weeks ago, I was struck with a fancy to knit something for myself for a change. No, strike that. A couple of months ago I had another idea to knit for myself; a pair of nice, wooly, striped knee socks in the same colors as Mr. Skull up there. The project was going along swimmingly until I realized that my yarn supply was not going to see me through to the toes of even one sock. No problem, it was off to the yarn store for some more.

Mistake Number One: I had Ava with me. A curious little girl in a store full of all things crafty can become an easy distraction.

Mistake Number Two: I made a quick assumption. Sure the label was from the same brand and sure the colors were an exact match, but did I bother to check if they were even the same kind of yarn? No, obviously not because the difference between wool and acrylic is light years apart. However, I was dumb enough to not notice while holding them in my hands for the entire 100 yd. walk up to the cash register.

Mistake Number Three: I did not immediately return the yarn the next day. And because I am the master procrastinator I was the proud owner of yarn that I didn't need.

So there it sat. Right next to my unfinished wooly, striped knee sock.

Fast forward to spring when no one needs to where a winter hat anymore. I came up with the idea to make a girly punk rock skull hat. I haven't rushed ahead to get it done right away because the gloriously warm and sunny days don't exactly scream, "Hey! Sit down and knit!"

Now we are expecting up to 8 fresh inches of snow this evening. Poo.

Miles Today: 3.0


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