Let the Freak Out Session Commence

No amount of meditating and controlled breathing seems to be helping to keep my stress levels down. Today, our landlord totally beat us to the punch and sold our residence before we could get ourselves into a new house. We have little over 30 days to be out.

What are the odds of finding a decent house, closing on it, packing all of our crap and moving into said new house in less than a month? Slim to none? That's what I thought.

This is not helping to quell my need to quit swearing like a sailor. Where's the booze?

Miles Today: 0.0 I can run in the cold. I can run in the wind. I cannot run in the windy, cold and I am too poor to own a treadmill. Yoga it will have to be.


Aunt Bev said…
Amber.... You can do it!!!! It's a buyers market out there! I have faith that something just for you guys will come along. You have lots of family who can help you pack and get'er done in 30 days! Go for it and make it a challenge. I know you've got it in you!
erin said…
Ditto to that! Hey, we'll be up the second weekend in May for Grandpa's birthday--if it can wait that long, we'll be ready & willing to assist! We love you!
Ambrewskins said…
Thanks for the vote of confidence guys! We'll take anything that we can get. And if luck does swing our way, I will definately take you up on your offer Erin...or perhaps an Ikea gift card will suffice! wink wink, nudge nudge ;)
Anonymous said…
oh honey--- grrrr I am so sorry for all that you are struggling with right now-- I echo aunt bev-- you WILL find a perfect place to live and it is all going to come to you in the easiest, stress-free way and then, when you're inyour new home you can flip that damn landlord the bird!

sending LOADS of good wishes to you--! ~bluepoppy
Momouk said…
Hey! That landlord is her uncle and my brother. There will be NO flipping of any flippin' birds!!! Not like Amber/Rick didn't know the place was for sale. IMHO - God's way of getting her and Rick to move on with their life. Perhaps those are bells I hear in the (near) distance.....?
BTW - 'honey' is my daughter...and I am proud of her (and Rick) for the way they have handled the whole thing. Love ya' kiddo!

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