How I Beat the Boogeyman

Okay, so I never actually conquered my fear of the dark this winter with my evening runs. Seeing as I've gone this long in my life and I still hate to walk/run through the dark woods, I doubt that this fear is ever going to get kicked to the curb.

Instead, I will carry on as usual and always double check the batteries in my very bright headlamp. Getting a large dog couldn't hurt any either. I will continue to wrap myself in day-glo yellow striped with patches of reflective material, cell phone ready in my front pocket. I may not be able to overcome my irrational fear of the dark, but at least I'll be my own glowing sphere. More importantly, I will not let this silly fear stop me from my need to fact I usually up my pace a notch in those dark winter months. Harder to catch me that way.

So now that the early winter nights are behind us, why am I still talking about them? Why is there a need to dwell upon the winter dark when my evening jaunts are well before the sun sets? Because I need to say how proud I am that I plowed on through the dark all winter long. In years past, I would always quit just after Thanksgiving and wouldn't start back up until April. I would hibernate and become moody with cabin fever.

And because I persevered, I think this has been one of the easiest winters for me ever, emotionally speaking. My spring running routine has felt light footed, as I didn't have to start from square one all over again. The spring rains haven't felt as cold compared to the icy pelt of snow, and the hum of the spring peepers are a welcome change to the quiet of frozen ponds.

I am thankful that I pushed my limits this winter, and this is where I get to the point. I think the tide of spring has brought a wave of optimism, and I decided to make some goals for my running. I shall run a 15K this summer. I have done it before, but that was before the dawn of Ava. I have fifteen weeks to whip my desk job butt into race shape, and in an attempt to shame myself into sticking with the program I have decided to make my mileage public. Most of you are too kind to really razz me if I don't follow through, but it will mostly be myself who will be providing the most guilt tripping. If anything, it will ensure a little more content here at fantasmo, which I have noticed has gone quite stale.

Miles Today: 2.0 Not much, I know but does going in the pouring rain count for something?


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