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New Hat Cutie

Now that the holiday dust has settled down, I have found the time needed to finish all of those little projects that I started last October/November. One of them being Ava's new hat. I think the girl nearly doubled her size since the beginning of last summer, or so it seems, and she outgrew the hat that I made for her early last spring. It was large then, but is much too small now. In addition to her arms and legs springing forth like long willowy saplings, her head grew rounder.

Our northern Michigan winter has been uncharacteristically warm, so this was a project that got pushed to the back burner, but I hurried up and finished last week just as the universe decided to snap back into its correct order. The yarn was a brand that I never used before, but it matches her coat perfectly, so I used it against my better judgment. I usually like to try things out first to see how the yarn knits/crochets, fluffs and stretches. Consequently, Ava’s new hat came out a little larger than I had anticipated. Large enough, in fact, to accommodate her four foot long dreadlocks. Ava, as we know does not have the head of a Rastafarian, but it looks cute on her nevertheless. We tried shrinking it in the dryer and that has helped a little bit.

Next up on Ye Olde List of Unfinished Projects; finish another hat for another fuzzy little noggin, Ava’s cousin Ashton. I think I should be finishing that one up in the next night or so. Pictures to follow soon.


Anonymous said…
That child has my chin! Swear to God.

I know I tell you this every time, but geez-- woman, you are so talented that hat rocks!

Jess said…
How cute!
Ashton will be so excited!

Aunt Bev said…
I want a hat!

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