Again With the Hats

Ashton's Hat

One more down!

The thing with all of these hats lately, is that the moment that I start a project and get about five rows into it, I get a whole new idea for another person. And if you creative types are anything like me then you know the sense of urgency that comes with that new idea. It feels as though YOU MUST DO IT NOW. In order to keep Rick from going batty from all of my projects and stray yarn laying around, I have promised myself to always finish something through to completion before I am even allowed to step foot into a yarn or fabric store. This works well for the both of us. It forces me to not get flakey and give up when I'm only half finished to completely ditch it for something new.

This method had been pretty beneficial for the recipients as well, as a few more heads have been covered this winter. As the colder months are starting to dwindle away, ideas are still streaming forth and requests are adding up. Summer may become my catch up season...that or I may have to start charging!


Anonymous said…
Ummmmm, what is the thing with the feet under the hat????? Jo
Ambrewskins said…
Why it's an Abominable Snowman of course! Doesn't every office have one?

We have the Rudolph figurine and it was the only thing big enough to hold up the hat.
Anonymous said…
Well of course it is! How silly of me. I can't believe I didn't see that since it is my favorite Christmas show! Great job on the hat(s) too by the way! Love, Jo
Erin & Mike said…
I thought it looked like the Abominable Snowman...I like it. Balls may have been a lot for a's cute!
Aunt Bev said…
I Still Want One.
Anonymous said…
START CHARGING!!!! As the recipient of one of your gorgeous hats that is on my dressing table displayed year round because I love it so!-- I can say, you should be charging for these masterpieces~!!

Jess said…
Ashton thanks you!! The hat fits perfectly and he LOVES it!!


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