Merry Christmas Had


I suppose that I now have to eat my words concerning the whole family drift thing that I rambled on about before. Because this Chirstmas season was filled with family, family and then some more family. It was refreshing to see family members that we haven't seen in years. It was also nice to know that you can always pick up right where you left off even though many days and months filled the gap between your last conversation.

Rick, Ava and I travelled all around the state to make our merry wishes. While it was fun to stuff ourselves silly and watch Ava tear through acres of wrapping paper, the whole affair was very tiring. I think Ava summed it up best by passing out on our couch last sunday afternoon princess dress and all.

Tuckered Out

I should also mention that Ava has not one granparent, not two granparents, but eleven grandmothers and grandfathers combined. One of which is a great, great grandmother. Even though it took divorces and remarriages to tally up such a count, Ava is still very lucky to have so many grandparents and I am thankful. Not to mention the plethora of aunts, uncles and cousins that result from such a broad reaching family tree. One day when she is older, these chaotic family Christmases will begin to really mean something to her. She will realize that not many others are as lucky as her to always have a warm holiday home to return to whether it will be on her mother or father's side. There will always be an open set of willing arms to hug her in and plant big smooches on her cheek. And that is truly the best Christmas gift anyone can have at all.


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