A Good Week


So what have the rest of you been up to?

Me? I've been knee deep in festifying our house and many other projects that I have to keep my mouth zipped on. I have been one busy little elf plugging away at projects trying to get them all done in time for Christmas.

Since I can't say much else about that, let me dive right into the gloriousness of potty training! Woohoo! Ava is nearly three and a half, and I think we have finally passed the top of the insurmountable mountain of conquering the potty. No one ever tells you how hard it can be to teach someone something so simple. You think to yourself, "I've trained dogs before, how hard can a little person be?" Hah! Little people have minds of their own and they like to use them.

For so long, we were fighting a stubborn battle where she just flat out refused the notion of going anywhere but in her diaper. I knew she understood the whole process, she just had some sort of willful aversion to giving up the diaper. And yes, she is very willful. Everyone always said not to push her, that she would come around in her own time, but let me say right now that if we had waited for when it was good for her, she would be nine and still in diapers.

Last Saturday, I put my foot down and together Ava and I mind-battled our way through an entire day of crash course potty training. After a long day of sweat, tears, hours of consoling on the john, our breakthrough came just minutes before Ava's bedtime. I swear the clouds parted and the angels smiled down on us, because never before has the sound of tinkling ever sounded so heavenly. I think both Ava and I were relieved that the day from hell ended on such a high note.

It has been mostly smooth sailing since. So smooth, that I have had time to do our now traditional paper snowflakes that hang along our shared living room and kitchen ceiling. And this year with glitter! Which I may never do again because our floor looks like that of a trendy nightclub. Rick also looks very festive with the glitter on his neck...and nose...and socks, but I don't think he appreciates it quite as much as I do.


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