No Peeking

Yes, this means you former Miss Erin W. now K.

Okay it is official. I am perhaps the world's slowest knitter, that or the most stubborn. I started this little project sometime around August in hopes that it would have been done by the first week in October. The hat and scarf are nothing complicated - no fancy stitchwork or anything, but in my defense this was the first hat I have ever knitted. Crochet is one thing, I could have have a hat done in one weekend if I had crocheted it. But nooo, I had to knit it because I wanted the stitching to match the scarf. My inner fuss bucket is picky like that.

So, I had the fun task of teaching myself (read: guess entirely) how to knit with multiple double ended knitting needles. Let me just say that this hat had many beginnings. Fortunately, it had only one decent ending, wouldn't you say?


e is for erin

Hat & Scarf

Those of you who attended Mrs. Erin K's wedding have by now figured out that the pink and brown reflect the wedding colors. I hope she is not sick of that combination by now! If so, I will gladly take the hat back. Rick had to wrestle it off of my head and divert my attention with some ice cream. No not really, but it did stay on my a little longer than it needed to...for sizing purposes. Yeah, that's it - sizing!


Anonymous said…
you are so talented I have no words!! I almost wrote you are SO FUCKING TALENTED but I thought given we're still in the midst of a family holiday that might be a bit rude-- so I'll just stare and mutter and shake my head at how FREAKING beautiful that creation is and how TALENTED you are!!!

Erin K. = ) said…
Can I just say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT?!? The hat fits perfectly! I got ferclemphed when I opened the box--you are so thoughtful, Amber! I can't wait to model it for you at Christmas! Love ya!
Aunt Bev said…
Amber, you are awsome! I love your work. I wish I had just an ounce of your talent.

Love, Aunt Bev
Anonymous said…
Amber, you're so amazing. I wish I had an ounce of your talent. Keep up the good work. Love, Aunt Bev
Aunt Edie said…
I've seen the hat/scarf in action many times already - I know it is Erin's favorite and I don't even live with her anymore! You do great work, girl!
Was fun seeing you and fam at Christmas!
Love you,
Aunt Edie

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