Us, originally uploaded by Ambrewskins.

The reason the you see so much of Rick and Ava is an obvious one. I am the one who is always behind the camera and that is okay by me. In my own opinion, I am not very photogenic. While some may argue with me on this one, I am going to stand firmly and say that it is a rare occasion that a good photo of me is taken. My eyes are inevitably squinting, or I am caught between a smile and a grimace, or I just plain look like a dork. However, in a rare moment I can be caught. Those are the pictures where you want to peek but are afraid to look, and like pulling off a band-aid you just do it. Then you realize, "Hey. That's not so bad. Huh." This is one of those pictures.

I have a decent smile from a half-way flattering angle and Ava has an amusing expression on her face. A slightly quirky moment caught in a second, but that is how we are. And that's the way I like it.


Anonymous said…
utterly completely decidedly LOVELY!!


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