So Where Ya Been?

If you take a peek at flickr you will see that I was in Chicago last weekend. It was a whirlwind weekend to celebrate Rick's cousin Erin (and Mike's) upcoming wedding. Fun was had by all and if last weekend was any sort of indication how the actual hitching event will be, it is bound to be a good weekend. Because this is The Wedding Event of the Year on Rick's side of the family talk of vows and taffeta has been flowing for months. When any amount of family gathers the obvious question ineveitably gets asked, "So when is it going to be your turn?"

And this is where I have to tiptoe to make absolutley sure no one dear to us takes this the wrong way: Please stop asking us that question.

Yes, I realize that it has been a very looong engagement. So long that I'm sure many of you think that we are taking this whole idea of marriage with a grain of salt. With a shrug of the sholder and kind of a sigh. Or a slow boat to, "when we get there, we get there," kind of attitude, when in fact it is quite the opposite. Rick and I are painfully aware that one day Ava is going to explain to someone that while she is twenty-years-old her parents are on the horizon of their fifteenth wedding anniversary. It won't take a math genius to make presumptions there. However, that is not the driving force behind our desire to take that next step. Rick is my best friend in the whole world and in our few years together we have weathered more big storms than some couples may ever face and somehow manage to come out on top of reoccuring streaks of bad luck. Yet, he still makes me laugh through the tears and I always manage to pull him up from the muddy downs. We don't have to prove ourselves to anyone else with a wedding because we know what it is we have with or without a marriage certificate.

That said, we would still very much like to be married once and for all, but the cash flow for a big shindig is out of the question. Nothing about our life together has been done by the rules, so why start now. Hence this.

You will notice that a smaller version of this is in my sidebar over there. It is exactly what it says; a collection. We are going to have to do our marriage pretty much alone and any little bit that anyone would want to give us would help. I really don't expect anything to come of our little donation button, but it makes me smile. This has been more of an exercise of putting our wishes out there into the universe. Sometimes the simple act of making your wish out loud helps it to manifest itself into fruition. Wishing worked for Pinnochio, right?


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