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I have never been a slave to fashion, but I am by no means a walking fashion faux pas. I prefer to not wear makeup only because it makes my eyes itchy and mostly it is because I am too lazy to wake up ten minutes earlier to put any on. I'm sure that there will come a day when the freshness of my youth fades and I will have to do someting to prevent looking like a walking corpse, but for now that doesn't concern me too much.

My hair has never been too terrible either. I am able to sweep it up into an updo when need be, but for the most part I let the natural wave just do its thing. Having hair that is neither straight nor curly is kind of a pain because you can never seem to get it to go one way or the other. When I straighten it there are always little rogue ringlets the secretly spring up, and when I try to curl it the curl falls limp an hour later. Since I am unwilling to break my sleep schedule for makeup, you can bet I apply the same method to my hair style: Make sure it has layers for a little structure, apply anti-frizz cream, and let it go the way it wants.


Frizz, originally uploaded by Ambrewskins.

This is what the unrelenting heat and humidity is doing to my head. (My hair is pulled back tightly into a ponytail if that helps to put the frizz into perspective). No amount of curl frizz ease balm or cream is keeping the poof down, and I feel like I am walking around with Clown Head. The frizz is slowly taking over my head and not even the oil-slick heaviness of Pantene can keep the fly aways pasted down. All hair care attempts are futile at this juncture.

So while it would be nice to have a cool night for a sweatless sleep, or a day where the heat index doesn't soar into the 100's, and perhaps a day when your ice water isn't warmed to a bland luke warm in ten minutes, I just wish I didn't have to look like Bozo anymore. Wilted will never be a new up and coming look on the runway.


Anonymous said…
oh Amber--I can so relate as I have exactly the same hair texture-- but I don't have your GLORIOUS shade of red-gold!!! Someday, we, the neither-curly-nor-straight girls will unleash our frizz with pride!!! Surely it is very rembrandt-ish, non?

Sarcomical said…
would it really irritate you if i said i'd kill for your color? ;)

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