Moving Forward Like a Cement Mixer

Well, I suppose.

I have already been getting flack for having gone almost a month with nothing. A whole lot of nothing, and it hasn't been for a lack of things to say. And after the last post whining about all of the things that had gone south I really wanted something bright and cheery to follow. Something great to make the mopes disappear in a shower of glittery goodness not unlike an awards ceremony stage grand prize winner.

While things have in fact been looking up, for which we are IMMENSELY grateful it is still kind of a slow bumpy ride. Things have been haltingly clicking into place, and one of the only remaining hiccups has been with our dear, sweet Ava.

Ava has not been adjusting to life's transitions well. Aside from the normal crankiness and occasional bad day that is to be expected from any two-year-old, Ava is pretty much a happy go lucky kid. Leaving her with anyone has never been a problem because often she would give a hasty hug and kiss and a look that said, "Alright already, beat it lady." And merrily she would be on her way to play.

These last couple of weeks? Not so smooth. Ava's normally sturdy disposition has begun to crack under all of the stress and changes that have been made in her little world. Unfortunately, her new daycare lady is bearing the brunt of it. Ava has become whiny and clingy and sending her off in the morning is something that we both dread. I muster up all of the positive energy I can to calm her down, but her teary eyes and pouting lip would make anyone wilt with guilt. It is so bad that her days end in tears before bed, and begin with tears in the morning. Frustration is aplenty in our household because while Rick and I try to figure out what it is that is taxing her poor little brain, Ava gets even more frustrated with us for not comforting her as she sees fit. We frustrate each other in one big tail bitingly vicious circle.

SO! No glitter yet, but I'm sure it will get here to fantasmoland soon. We just have a few wrinkles to iron out. Hopefully soon because my eternal well of maternal patience seems to be drying up. Okay, I lie. I've never really been much of a patient person, but I try really hard for Ava. After all, I too was a sensitive kid (if not overly sensitive) and I can remember all too well what it was like to not want to leave the warmth and safety of a parent's embrace. It is rather taxing though, and only now can I appreciate my parent's exasperated looks.

Again, a hearty thank you to all of our well wishers! Your kind thoughts have meant a lot to us. Thank you.

2006 started out with a bang - just not the right kind, but here's to a better six months ahead! In lieu of the positive thinking and stuff, I have been thinking of a summer makeover for fantasmo. Yes, I hear your skepticism, but I promise something new to look at and it will be in less than thirty days. I mean it, really!


Aunt Bev said…
Sorry for the flack! Nice to see the update! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.
Anonymous said…
Hey there! Hang in there! Sometimes it doesn't matter if they have been at the same daycare with the same routine for months - one day they decide that they don't want to go anymore (Rachel - remember???) She broke my heart for years because even after daycare I couldn't get her to go to school in the morning without the tears and the guilt. That's where the "Mom has to work so she can buy you dresses!" came from. Don't be too hard on yourself, it is part of the growing up stuff. You guys are great parents! Love, Jo

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