Today, Rick has a second interview for a job. As I'm writing this he is across town trying to win his way into something that sounds like it could be really good for us. I am hoping and wishing really hard that this one comes to fruition.

Last February, his very well-paid secured position was eliminated and I by default became the family's bread winner. It has been a tough few months psychologically for the both of us, because bad only continued to get worse as the weeks rolled by. Our dependable vehicle died leaving us to become the masters of carpooling. Well, more like chauffeuring seeing as Rick has to drive me around like Miss Daisy. All three of are a little weary of cramming into his smaller car. My knees have permanent dashboard imprints so Her Highness, Ava can have leg room. Funny how the two year old with 20" legs needs more space than me, but whatever.

Aside from chauffeur, Rick is mastering his skills as full-time nanny because Ava's daycare lady decided to close down shop. As much as I hate to admit it, we were semi-fortunate to have Rick be unemployed while we scramble to find a new daycare. I swear he is starting to develop a twitch by being forced to hold conversation with only a youngster all day. And since I'm on a roll with this whole whining thing, the place where we are living was put up for sale. My uncle is the owner and as much as I want him to be able to sell the place, I keep pleading with the stars that it sells after we move out.

So let's recap: Job, Car, Daycare, House. Crap. How am I keeping my shit together you ask? Denial. Lots and lots of denial, because if I don't get any sleep at night Rick would be adding one more thing to his list - New Mother for His Daughter. Crankiness from lack of sleep is not something that I want to add to our precarious equation. I haven't said too much about it either because nobody likes to listen to a whiner. (Did I mention that Rick needed to have a couple of root canals and crowns? Um yeah, add that to the list too).

Let's just say that this second interview has a lot of wishes weighing heavily on it. I never like to wish anyone to do poorly, but my guess is that the other guy that Rick is up against doesn't need this job in quite the same way that we do. And if he does...well...shoot. I said I don't like to wish anyone ill! -sigh- Let's just hope for the best! Okay!

Keep your fingers crossed.

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UPDATE: You know how we had that freakish weather yesterday? The weather with sunshine, rain, thunder and thumbsized hail that pularized all of my beautiful flowers? No? Well, I noticed and it must have been due to a cosmic shift in the planets. Our streak of poopy luck seems to have come to an end because... RICK GOT THE JOB! WooHoo! Thank you well wishers :)


Anonymous said…
Much luck to you Rick! And sorry to be the Jo but...you are all healthy, you still have a car to drive even if it is small, you still have a roof over your head even though it is for sale and Ava is lucky to have a dad that can be a Mr. Mom - these days are the ones you guys will be laughing about when you are old like Dad and I!! Much love
Aunt Bev said…

Heard today that Rick GOT THE JOB!!!! I wish you could hear me scream YAHOO from Waterford, MI. I'm so happy for you guys. You're on your way.....

Lots of love to all of you
Aunt Bev
Jennie said…
That's awesome! I'm so glad you guys got some good news!
Anonymous said…
oh Amber!!!

I am DANCING here for you DANCING!!! Such great news and a whole new beginning to put these hard last months behind you.

Thank you SO SO SO much for all your kind words of support to me-- you are so kind and helpful and I hope you know it means the world to me.

Gros Bisous, Elizabeth (bluepoppy)

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