Rachel's Prom

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After Ava was born, my life slowed down. Every year another birthday rolls around but things for me kind of just stay the same. My sisters on the other hand are growing up in front of me like spring flowers. A tiny little green leaf one day, then a pretty little blossom the next. Yes, I realize that is a sappy analogy but I can't help it. They really are blooming into something wonderful.

Little sisters used to be an annoying burden when I myself was young and annoying. Now, I look forward to the day when they are grown up and we can be the best friends that grown sisters become. Until that day, it is a lot of fun to watch them "sprout."


Aunt Bev said…
I was always the "little sister" in my family, so I never got to see anyone younger than me grow up, but I have seen my neices and nephew's grow up to blossom into beautiful young adults and I've watched some of them become wonderful parents to their children. I hope you and your sister can have the relationship I share with my Best Friend "Sisters" becuase it's so cool! See you next weekend!
Anonymous said…
Sniff sniff....Love ya! Jo

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