Our Resident Squirrel

Our Resident Squirrel, originally uploaded by Ambrewskins.

For whatever reason, I have not had a lot to say lately which may account for fantasmo's steady decline into obscurity. I think it is mostly because I have been retreating back into my little head. In an attempt to get back to myself I have been sketching, taking photography walks, and trying to convince myself that I am indeed a morning person. The morning person thing isn't working out so well and consequently my Getting Back to Running plan is also faltering. -sigh- I keep telling myself that everyday is a fresh new opportunity to form my morning running habit, so at least my optimism is still there!

At any rate, since I don't have much I thought I could offer you a peek into the sketchbook. This is our undeterrable squirrel who has been pilfering from our bird feeder for the past two years. This year we discovered that It is a She because of her bulging belly. I see our birdseed budget going up...More mouths to feed!


Anonymous said…
lovely sketch! oh those darn squirrels who are really just miniature gymnasts---

Pomme said…
One of my friends calls them rats with good P.R.


Cute sketch!

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