Once Upon a Time...

Ava and I sat sideways in our large overstuffed chair with our feet dangling
over the arm. It was our snuggle time just before her bedtime. Ava pulled
her blanket over our heads and we were under a light yellow tent.

Safely tucked away, I began to try a tag team approach to making up a story.

"Ava, once upon a time there was a little girl and her name was..."

"Her name was Ava!" she answered.

"Okay, her name was Ava and one day she went for a walk. Where did the
little girl Ava go?"

Ava thought for a second and I was positive that she was on to this whole
story telling thing.

I encouraged her, "Where did Ava go?"

She answered, "I'm right here!"

I laughed at her answer and she gave me her "I don't know what I did to make
you laugh, but I'll try and do it again" smile. Next time we make up a
story I guess I'll have to set it up just a little better.


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