Defying Not Only Us

But gravity as well. In case you are wondering we emptied an entire tank of helium into Ava on Easter Sunday. It was kind of a windy day, and I came this close to having to tie a string around her ankle to keep her grounded. No really.

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Still skeptical? I thought so. I guess the kid just loves to jump and because I was too busy playing paparazzi I never noticed how many shots were of her being airborn until I pulled them up on to the computer screen. It only goes to show that Ava is a constantly moving force. She doesn't even stop in her sleep. Frequently, we hear her thunking against the wall as she tosses in her sleep despite the pillows we have added for padding.

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These photos also cement my belief that we are probably going to have to enroll her into some sort of active group or sport in the next year or so. As the warm air is starting to make it's way north to our yard, convincing Ava to come indoors for the evening is getting more and more painful. Second to floating above the backyard, Ava loves to swing. And swing. And swing. And swing.

Originally uploaded by Ambrewskins.

And swing. Guess you can't keep a good girl down, can you?!


Anonymous said…
oh the happiness!

I love the first photo! That is such a shot of joy and lightness and SPRING!


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