Best Conversation Ever

Having a relaxing sit down after a big birthday meal, the family sat around making light conversation. Somehow the topic of unfortunate names came up. In an attempt to top everyone's contributions Rick began to tell us about a pair of customers from his former company that he worked for...

Rick: "So get this, right? She pulled up the account and his name was Right Ball!"
Aunt Bev: "No way, nuh huh!"
Rick: "I kid you not! But even worse, he had a brother who was also a customer and right there on the computer screen was his name - Left Ball!"

Laughter ensues

Aunt Edie: "That's terrible. Who would name their kids that?"

and just as the snickering had begun to settle down

Rick: "I know, Right and Left Ball," shaking his head in disbelief, "Isn't that nuts?!"

And in that moment arose the greatest kind of comedic genius; the unintentional perfect punchline. All of us died right then and there while it took Rick just a brief second to catch up to his own joke. However when the connection was made, his face contorted into the best kind of red-faced, tear inducing belly laughter.


Anonymous said…
That definitely tops one of my "Best Conversations Ever" Man that was funny! Really enjoyed spending time with you this weekend. Can't wait to see you again in June:-) Aunt Bev
Edie said…
Yes, that was a riot! The fact that it was so innocently spoken was the best part! I agree - a fun time was had by all. Can't wait for more!
Auntie E.

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